coaching with intention

Clarity and consistency are the cornerstones of personal and professional fulfillment. Nadia is a leadership and integrative health coach who helps executives and public figures set clear intentions, own their impact and overcome personal roadblocks to achieve a more balanced and rewarding life.

holistic approach

Nadia incorporates leadership, nutrition and lifestyle coaching methodologies in tandem. Her approach recognizes that when we’re happy at home, we’re more productive at work, when we’re fulfilled at work, we’re better parents, partners and friends, and when we’re feeling healthy and present, we can lead more effectively and experience more joy.

focused programs

Your roadblocks are unique. Your strengths, processing styles and motivations are yours alone. Nadia will create a bespoke coaching program with you, just for you. From the focus of your sessions to the tools and accountability mechanisms employed, together we’ll design a targeted plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.